Posie Parker - Truth Teller

Posie Parker is attacked for telling the truth about the trans movement. She deserves support for having courage where others cower.

Posie Parker - Truth Teller

You probably haven’t heard of Kelly Jane Keane but you may be more familiar with her online nom-de-plume - Posie Parker.

Her critics have labelled her a ‘far right’ anti transgender activist. I call her a truth teller.

She’s in Australia from the UK for a series of talks and the perpetually outraged lefty social justice warriors are not happy about it.

They tried to have her visa cancelled for saying some pretty elemental things.

I can fully understand why some people may find this frank discussion confronting. It’s not the sort of thing we like to think about, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

And don’t you think we need a dose of truth injected into the increasingly hysterical debate about what is a woman?

And essentially that is the debate because no-one is worried about women invading male spaces or sports.

We don’t have women claiming to be men wanting to go into male prisons or demanding to be let into male only facilities.

It’s essentially a one way street where biological blokes want to encroach on women’s turf.

And then there’s the matter of the surgery on kids. We don’t let children legally smoke cigarettes, but we allow them to cut off their body parts in the name of gender identity.

We’ve discussed this before, but it really illustrates the point of what is going on.

If someone, with full bodily function, identifies as disabled, do we fulfil their wish? Of course not.

So why does society view gender identity as any different to someone claiming to be transabled? And yes, it is a real thing, but we all think it would be mad to cross that particular identity rubicon.

And yet people like Posie Parker are targeted for merely reminding us of the current madness gripping the world.

We are surrendering common sense, science and biology, at the altar of political correctness.

Posie Parker is a truth teller and we need a lot more truth tellers in this crazy mixed up world of ours.

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