Targeting the Wrong Mob

There's an over-representation of violent behaviour among the rainbow/Antifa/BLM/Leftist mobs, but we haven't got a parliamentary behaviouralist on call for them?

Targeting the Wrong Mob

It could be that Uber global dictator Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is right. We could be facing another plandemic!

If that's the case, then I could be patient zero for illness X, Bird Flu or whatever else they are trying to scare us with!

It's more likely that I have a standard version of influenza, but I haven't bothered checking if it has a fancy name or alarmist history.

Naturally, I am the perfect patient, making few demands and never complaining, even though lesser men would have crumbled by now.

Of course, that manly stoicism could all be set to change with Tim Richardson MP's appointment as the first (and I hope last) Secretary for Men's Behavioural Change!

It could only happen in the State of Victoria, where they are clearly trying to neuter the few remaining men who refused to go along with the COVID tyranny of Dan Andrews.

But seriously, what is this bloke going to do?

Will he insist men give up control of the BBQ cooking or stop pursuing other manly traits?

Does he genuinely believe that male criminals and abusers will change their ways on the back of this limp biscuit giving them a lecture?

Maybe he will start in the prison system to transform the lives of committed criminals. Or perhaps he'll spend years preaching his gospel to convert the abusers in Indigenous communities?

If he did, he'd be like the missionaries of old, always seeking new souls to save. But of course, that would be akin to colonisation or some corruption of culture, so we can safely rule both out.

Instead, I suspect behaviouralist Tim will go around talking to blue-haired women about the inherent evils of men with white skin.

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