A Test of Political Integrity

Will Labor and Liberals see the election of Muslim Party candidates as a better or worse outcome than each other winning? That's the ultimate test of political integrity.

A Test of Political Integrity

You know Australia is in the grip of the deluded when a politician won't make a statement condemning a terrorist group.

That's what happened when the Pakistani-born Mehreen Faruqi was interviewed by their ABC over the weekend.

It was an appalling interview by someone whom I believe deserves zero respect.

Faruqi sees racism and injustice everywhere except in her own eye. Now, she refuses to be drawn on whether terror group Hamas should be dismantled.

Remember, In October last year, Hamas organised a declaration of war in Israel where they butchered and raped some Israelis while taking others as hostages.

In part, here's what she said:

"The situation (with) Hamas...I can't keep repeating it again and again. It has nothing to do with Palestinian statehood and Palestinian self-determination.

The Palestinians need to decide where they want to go with their own region.

Hamas is listed as a terrorist organisation. And there is no, absolutely no change that we are demanding in that.

Hamas is an organisation that exists in the region that we are talking about here. Who will dismantle it? It is up to the people in Palestine and that region to make sure that people can live in peace… It's not up to me to say who should be gone or not."

While Faruqi won't say Hamas should be gone, she seems very happy to tell the rest of us that Palestine needs to be a State and that Israel needs to be sanctioned.

Not a word about any sanctions for the terror group. Apparently, that's up to the locals, but we must vocally condemn those she sees as enemies.

I've seen this type of equivocation before.

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