About Confidential Daily

We deliver ideas, information and opinions to help our members achieve their personal, professional and financial goals. Their achievements are the most powerful display of our effectiveness.

Confidential Daily is the fusion of decades of personal experience and innovative ideas and information that can change your life.

This website is dedicated to helping YOU cut through the spin and BS of the world we live in so you can maximise your well-being and prosperity.

Everyone today seems to have an agenda: political, financial or social, and it’s often so well hidden it can be difficult to spot.

Most often, it's all about them rather than about you.

Confidential Daily is different.

Consider it your personal guide, helping you navigate treacherous waters with ideas, insights and information you won't find anywhere else.

Put simply, Confidential Daily can help you achieve your personal and financial goals faster than you ever imagined.

Confidential Daily delivers real results.

Our team are business builders, athletes, alternative health experts, political power brokers and personal finance experts.

It all began back in 2008 with a weekly personal message by former Australian Senator and Sky News show host Cory Bernardi.

During nearly 14 years as an Australian Senator, his Weekly Dose of Common Sense became an important source of information for politicians and media.

It regularly identified issues and solutions well before anyone else.

His weekly missives also took off with the public, who enjoyed a straight-talking politician who never pulled his punches.

That’s how he grew his Weekly Dose of Common Sense email to tens of thousands of subscribers…speaking truth to power and unravelling fact from fiction.

Cory developed a reputation as a courageous and unapologetic advocate for principle and freedom.

Unfiltered communication and a personal blog were a political rarity back then, but Cory has always been an innovator.

That innovation continues to this day as a founding contributor to Confidential Daily.

Cory has a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes decisions that impact all our lives. He casts a unique and sanitising light on politics and the mainstream media.

Every day, Cory ‘unscrambles the egg’ of current events and shares the unfiltered facts about how politics is influencing our lives.

His assessment can be tough, it can be brutal, and sometimes it can be too much for some people to handle, but his track record of truth speaks for itself.

But Confidential Daily isn't limited to the political arena.

We've assembled a team that can offer immediate benefits to your health, your wealth and yourself.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to transform the lives of as many people as possible so they can be physically, financially, and emotionally free.

We are here to serve those who want to take control and break free of the limitations imposed by an increasingly authoritarian society.

We're building a community of people who are determined to live life to the maxx.

A community where the goals of 'healthy, wealthy and wise' can be achieved together, all while living a richer life.

Our members have access to the secrets and shortcuts to help them achieve their goals and make sense of what's going on in the world.

However, communication isn’t a one way street. This website is run for our members.

Not only do they get access to unique insights and opinions, but they art also able to be an active part of our livestreams and member events.

That's where things get really interesting. We believe strongly in free speech and are fearless in pursuit of the truth.

The content in Confidential Daily is direct and to the point. It is designed to inform and entertain, but its focus is about improving your life.

Most of all, it will save you time in achieving whatever personal, financial or business goals you have set for yourself.

After all, time is the only asset we never get back so we need to make every moment count.

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