Do We Really Need More of This?

The protests in support of Hamas are either done by useful idiots or hard-core Islamic fundamentalists. We need fewer of both in Australia.

Do We Really Need More of This?
Picture: NCA NewsWire / Diego Fedele

Sometimes politicians are unintentionally damned by their own words.

Not in a sense of deliberate self-sabotage or the misinformation of the media, but because what they say is an unexpected brutal truth.

Consider the attendance of Victorian ALP members wearing 'keffiyehs' at their conference.

Keffiyehs are the headdress come shawl-like garb that has come to symbolise support for the Hamas terrorists who run Gaza and launched an attack on Israel last year.

Now, in any other circumstance, this would be deemed cultural appropriation and deemed a deliberate act of racism. However, because the protest was in favour of people fighting to rid the world of Jewish people, it's known as solidarity.

We've seen this double standard play out in many forums before with activists, supported by many politicians claiming white people aren't allowed to play the didgeridoo or heterosexual actors aren't allowed to play homosexual characters.

I hope that actors are still allowed to act as people other than themselves; otherwise, almost every character in Hollywood films would be a satan worshipping pedo!

But back to the ALP conference.

On Saturday, there were reports that around 50 protesters "stormed the Moonee Valley Racecourse, causing the conference room to be locked, and preventing some state ministers and other conference delegates from entering."

This prompted Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan to claim said she was disgusted by the action, accusing the protesters of bringing "violence, homophobia and anti-Semitism to the front door of state conference."

She's quite correct, but in attacking the protesters, she unwittingly belled the cat on the teachings of Islam itself.

There is no doubt that Islamic texts and many of their preachers support violence in the name of their religion. The teachings are also anti-homosexual and openly hateful of Jews.

Despite politically correct protestations to the contrary, that is incontrovertible truth.

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