The Corn Conspiracy

Some of the darkest conspiracy theories are hiding in plain sight. Here's an alarming report from a couple of decades ago.

The Corn Conspiracy
Photo by Joseph Chan / Unsplash

Some days you stumble upon information that supports a gnawing inner sense that you've never quite been able to prove.

These concepts are often packed into the 'conspiracy theory' basket where many want them to stay. Then they become a means of labelling those who push them as 'nutters' and no matter how much evidence emerges, few will bring that upon themselves.

Even when proved categorically true, most refuse to accept anything but the established narrative.

We've seen it in so many areas: COVID, mRNA vaccines, media suppression, climate change, renewable energy, the Great Reset and many more.

However, one of the biggest 'conspiracy theories' is absolutely true and hidden in plain sight.

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