A Lifetime of Difference

Sometimes it takes adversity to realise just how special some things are. With women and mums under attack by social engineers, celebrating Mother's Day takes on a new importance.

A Lifetime of Difference
Photo by Edward Cisneros / Unsplash

It's my wife's birthday today, and I know her digital first port of call daily is to respond to my words of wisdom.

On that basis, I shall make my first port of call to wish her a very happy something-something birthday. I can't remember exactly, but looking at her just now, I think she's about 28.

Then it's what used to be known as Mother's Day on Sunday, but I'm not sure what the new-fangled term for a day celebrating those who give birth is anymore.

Just to annoy all the right people, let's stick with Mother's Day and the quaint notion that it's a celebration of adult human females who play the most important possible role in our society - bearing and raising children.

Before anyone gets too fired up, yes, I know men are important too.

A man and a woman together are the ideal combination to raise children, but if pushed, I'll land on the notion that mum is are more important. It's one reason men were sent to war - we can be a bit expendable in the eyes of society.

Maybe that's why masculinity is under such attack from the leftists.

A real man can recognise men's and women's different roles, particularly in raising children. Leftists hate that idea.

I said as much in my book, The Conservative Revolution. (click the link to download a FREE copy).

The chapter on families caused all sorts of conniptions at their ABC and with the vacuous Carrie Bickmore on The Project television show.

At least one of the ABC fools had read the book before being outraged. On the other hand, Bickmore was proud to say she hadn't and wouldn't read it and then went on to be outraged by something she had no idea about.

Here's part of the chapter that so stirred them up.

Mothers too have specific roles in relation to children, the most obvious evidenced by the fact that they carry and bear children.

They bond with children through the early acts of physical intimacy which only mothers can offer. These acts are of lasting benefit to children, strengthening their health and well-being.

Throughout their lives, women use their greater verbal ability to assist them in raising children and teaching them many important life lessons. Instinctively, most mothers recognise the special relationship they have with their children and its importance to their overall well-being and development.

One nationwide study by the Institute of American Values reported that 93 per cent of mothers surveyed agreed that a “mother’s contribution to the care of her children is so unique that no one else can replace it.”

That final line bears repeating.

A mother's contribution to the care of her children is so unique that no one else can replace it.

Thanks to all the mothers out there.

Thought for the Day

"It takes a lifetime to truly appreciate all the ways a good mum makes all the difference."
Ellen Brenneman

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