The Conservative Revolution

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The Conservative Revolution

The Conservative Revolution was published by Connor Court and became their number one seller for the year.

It aroused the ire of leftists across the globe, resulting in thousands of abusive reviews from people who had never read it.

Here's what some of those who did read it had to say.

"Everyone in the free Western world should read this if they want to stay free."
"Cory makes some great points in this book. A must read, regardless of your political persuasions."
"An excellent and accessible introduction to traditional conservatism. The ideas resonate with thinkers such as Burke and Scruton, and are grounded on common sense, and the traditional Christian values that are the foundation of our civilisation and democracy. Bernardi calls for a return to the values of our forefathers, which were the norm before the French Revolution started the beginning of the decline of the West. Traditional conservatism, unlike the dictatorial liberal left, is a tolerant and benevolent system of thought, and it's what this corrupted world needs. This book is highly recommended."

Below is an extract from The Conservative Revolution

There are three types of people in Australian political life. These are the three broad groups around which the future of policy is determined and by whom the future directions of Australia is shaped and determined.

The first of these are the radicals who are constantly trying to tear down our institutions and diminish our historical values because these don’t fit with their own view of how the world should function.

The second group, by far the largest, is characteristic of those who typically strive for a better life for themselves and their families, free of political or other interference. These people are consumed with the daily routines of life: earning a live, raising a family, and generally being productive members of their local communities.

They rarely have time for political activism because the routines of life will undoubtedly devour most if not all of their time, energy and resources. Unlike the first group, these people are rarely heard, other than on election day.

For this reason, they are frequently referred to as the ‘Silent Majority’.

As a consequence, they may appear to be apathetic to the societal changes going on around them, but only until it affects them and their families personally. They are the ones targeted by radicals and conservatives alike, but that is only because this group is the most important of the three: they are the ones who ultimately determine the fate of society.

The third are the conservatives who seek to protect and defend the structures and values that have allowed our nation to achieve the traditional freedoms and prosperity that we enjoy today.

This brief volume explores the timeless principles from which some of those structures and values derive, and how they can be applied to social and economic policy. It attempts to explain why they should be supported and the consequences should they be neglected or rejected outright. It looks to explain why the conservative is the natural representative of the aspirations of the majority, and it seeks to empower and equip the conservative with arguments to defeat the corrosive negativity of radicals and leftists.

In short, the values and structures the conservative seeks to protect are based on principles that are under threat from the dominant ideologies of social reform by the left and the increasingly secular and opportunistic society which creates fertile ground for their ideas to grow.

A society in which concepts of right and wrong have been replaced with a moral relativism is a society where there are no absolutes – only preferences or choices.

It is a society where there is an excuse for everything and responsibility for nothing; a society where the wisdom of the ages is being replaced by momentary fads and quick fixes.

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