Tip of the Spear

It was refreshing to hear straight talk from someone tasked with military leadership. It's about time some home truths were told.

Tip of the Spear

One of the most important things we can do is remind ourselves to stick to our core functions – at work, in providing for our families or in maintaining relationships.

It’s a favourite saying of mine when referring to all levels of government too. If you spread yourself too thin trying to cover too much ground, you’ll likely accomplish little.

That’s why it was refreshing to hear former SAS officer and Assistant Minister for Defence Andrew Hastie air some blunt talk.

In a message to his constituents, Hastie told them:

The ADF's core business will always be the application of lethal violence in the defence of our values, sovereignty and interests. We should never forget that.

I agree, but too many inside the ADF seem to have forgotten that. Instead, they have focused their attentions on making our forces a military version of inclusivity and wokeness.

I’ve mentioned the butchering of the rising sun badge through the addition of rainbow symbolism ( against army guidelines) previously.

We’ve now got dancing girls at the launch of new ships

Remember when our service personnel were advised not to wear their uniforms due to unspecified threats while in Australia? Is it only me or did that seem to be yielding to the enemy?

Or what about the lectures on not using the term guys and the banning of symbols that some might interpret as signifying death.

I know some will disagree but who really gives a hoot if others are offended by some insignia, or if we expect our diggers to eat the same rations no matter what their religion.

What really matters is if our diggers are up to the job they’ll be asked to do.

You can bet your bottom dollar, the same poodles who are slamming our SAS regiment will be demanding their expertise at the next hint of trouble.

The SASR will most likely be deployed and returned before many of their critics even know there is a problem.

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it.

Keeping us safe is not for the faint of heart or those just looking to shuffle papers in the defence bureaucracy.

Our ADF personnel are meant to be the tip of the spear.  They need to be a fighting force not warriors for wokeness.

That only leads to whinging and weakness.

We’ve had too much of both in the ADF and in those who have occupied the Defence Ministry in recent times.

Finally, it seems the appointment of Peter Dutton as defence minister and Hastie as his assistant,  there is some light at the end of the dark defence tunnel.

I have just one question for them both prompted by a parent with two sons newly enlisted in the army.

Why have the attendance of family been cancelled at the Kapooka March Out’s.

If the ADF can’t run a covid safe event for new soldiers and their loved ones, when 50K people can attend a footy game, how the heck are they going to manage a war?

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