Their ABC, at it Again

Why we have to pay for a national broadcaster that only finds fault with our country is one of the enduring mysteries of politics

Their ABC, at it Again

Their ABC is at it again, making stuff up to fit an agenda designed to denigrate our country.

During the week they aired multiple reports about an Alice Springs community meeting claiming there were displays of 'white supremacy'.

Presumably this was because someone at the meeting may have pointed out that the problems there seem to be perpetrated by young Aboriginals.

At their ABC, truth telling and inconvenient facts are regularly slammed as racist.

Anyway, after days of silence at community outrage over their reporting, they finally issued an apology for 'providing an incomplete picture of the event in this instance'.

It seems that instead of being fair and balanced as mandated by their charter, the ABC again cherry picked the news it reported to maximise another publicly funded attack on our great country.

Why we are expected to pay for this partisan collective of unaccountable ego's is beyond me.

It also raises the question as to why the Coalition did nothing to reign them in when there was the ability to do so.

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