The Vanishing Voice Vote

Rather than risks being labelled a racist, those rejecting the voice are choosing to let their vote do the talking.

The Vanishing Voice Vote
Photo by Kristina Flour / Unsplash

Back to domestic politics and the Voice is in more trouble than the early settlers.

New research shows what some of us have been thinking for some time.

Voters are sick of being bullied into submission by the elites but they are afraid of being labelled racist if they tell the truth.

The Daily Telegraph reported:

Polling conducted for the No campaign reveals many voters feel they are being shamed into silence and won’t engage in debate about the proposal because “they don’t want to be judged to be reactionary or racist”.

It makes perfect sense.

The proponents of the Yes campaign can’t explain what it is about, why it is necessary and what positives it will actually deliver.  outside of the billions of dollars already provided to ATSI people.

The Yes mob claim the voice is not about race, insisting that the term is an outdated concept. Instead, claiming it's about history, culture, tradition and whatever other terms they can use instead of race.

But here’s the rub.

The definition of race according to the American Heritage dictionary is:

A group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution.

So to avoid having the voice defined as racist by using the word ‘race’, the yes vote uses the descriptors in the hope you are too dumb to know just how racist it is.

These people are taking the Australian people for fools.

And what about the rest of us who don’t opt in to ATSI identity politics? We share a common history, nationality and geographic distribution. Where’s our voice?

It’s true enough that our Parliament has delivered bad outcomes for so many Australians.

I can also attest to the fact that a lot of Aussies are simply ignored by their political representatives.

In some cases, their voices are marginalised or even censored and the people speaking up are cancelled. Anyone opposed to the Covid vaccine experiment can attest to that.

Why is no-one pushing a voice for those victims of cancel culture?

Or a voice for those silenced by green bigots or those oppressed by rainbow ideology.

What about a voice for marginalised Christians ,and maybe some religious acknowledgment at the end of every plane flight too?

Maybe the pilot could say:

"let’s praise God that flight is over and that we landed safely, and let us pray together that your baggage hasn’t been lost."

I’m joking of course but how is it any different to welcoming you to some non-existent nation. We live in Australia. That’s our country. It’s for all of us.

Although you wouldn’t know it based on Qantas most recent virtue signal.

Imagine the confusion for some poor tourist looking to head to Sydney from Perth only to see a flight they are boarding is actually to Gadigal Country.


It’s ridiculous and corporates like Qantas are taking us down the path of a divided society.

But people are catching on. People are now openly mocking the five or six welcomes (even though you aren’t really) they are forced to hear every day. They know the Voice is divisive and racist. They know that racial division and separatism isn’t good for any nation.

The people are waking up to the fact that our elites - the media, the politicians, those in business and the bureaucracy, don’t have our interests at heart.

First and foremost it’s always all about them.

Say no to elitist bullying. Say no to racism and identity politics. Vote no to the voice.

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