The Poisonous Greens

The Greens are a haven for vile people with reprehensible views.

The Poisonous Greens

I am constantly amazed how the extreme Greens political party are effectively given a free pass by the media.

Their members and MPs  have a history of not telling the truth, covering up terrible allegations within their ranks; from bullying to sexual assault, all while accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

They are rarely held to account, by external or internal processes.

We saw that this week involving one of the Victorian Greens most active members, a person, who claims to be a woman, and goes by the name Bianca Haven.

Haven was brought before an internal misconduct panel for using his social media account to defend pedophilia, defend incest and put forward views that are sympathetic to nazi’s.

The Greens Party decided to censure Haven for his vile views. No expulsion, no apology, no demand he be removed from Party activities, just a slap on the wrist.

That’s the state of the Greens.

Remember, this is the mob that condemned a bunch of women for speaking up for women's rights, demanded they be fired or cancelled but they let one of their own’s, abhorrent views go with a senseless censure.

The Greens political party is pure poison.

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