The People are Waking Up

Coronavirus has been used as a trojan horse to attain authority and power. It's becoming clearer that they will never fully relinquish those gains.

The People are Waking Up

It's dawning on a lot more people that the Coronavirus response is more about control of the people rather than protecting our health.

The statistics are skewed  to make it seem much more dangerous than it is and the media coverage designed to keep the people perpetually on edge.

The 'experts' change their advice to suit whatever agenda they are pushing and politicians love the power this crisis has given them. I am continually amazed at how conditioned the people have become to obey almost every command from those on high.

I saw it for myself this week in Adelaide when those wearing masks would abuse those who didn't. When the false alarm was exposed, the maskers took them off because they were told they could.

As David Hiscox wrote:

They’re messing with us. They don’t want us to get too comfortable, they want us always on edge, fearful that the next outbreak and corresponding lockdown could happen anywhere in any season. This keeps us in survival mode, at the mercy of our captors.

Now I am not into the confrontational civil disobedience routine but exposing the hypocrisy and illogical positions of those in charge is a community service which I think is very important.

Coronavirus has been used as a trojan horse to attain authority and power. No matter what we are told, the authorities will never fully relinquish those gains.

It remains to be seen if the people are prepared to surrender them permanently.

Of course the politicians are angry over challenges to their authority

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