The Lies Continue

The truth is emerging and it's just a matter of time until the liars retreat from the frontline.

The Lies Continue

I had every intention to write about anything but COVID today.

After all, there is so many interesting things going on - including last night's shark fishing adventures (the freezer is now full) or why Chess is good for brain function.

Despite those good intentions, I feel compelled to return to the scandal around us.

I am sick of being lied to. You should be too.

Government, the media and bureaucrats are simply not telling us the truth about this pandemic.

After two years, they now admit that the death statistics are totally bogus.

The CDC in America said that 75% of those who are counted as COVID deaths had four or more comorbidities.

Basically anyone who died and had COVID was counted as being killed by the virus even if that wasn't the case.

Imagine what percentage had at least one comorbidity. I would guess it is close to 95% or more. That would mean the virus has been about as dangerous as influenza but the authorities will never admit to that.

Nor will they admit the testing protocols are hopeless. The PCR test is cycled well above reliable levels and I often ponder, what does a negative test mean anyway?

With an airborne virus, a negative test is only valid until you actually meet someone else, enter a store or take your next breath.

We know masks are useless and yet we are told we have to wear them.

We know that Novak Djokovic did everything he was asked to enter the country legally and yet both State and Federal governments tried to lie their way out of the public backlash.

Yesterday morning, I heard Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews tell a packed press conference that if you have a booster shot you couldn't catch or pass on the Omicron variant.

That's completely untrue but none of the press pack picked him up on it.

And then a still loaded smoking gun was released by Project Veritas in the United States.


The video details how Ecohealth Alliance sought Department of Defence funding for Coronavirus Gain of Function research using bats.

Funding was denied because it was too dangerous.

But Ecohealth Alliance did receive funding from Dr Fauci's outfit for that research.

These links were discussed on this website and on my Sky News show early in 2021.

Later, while under oath and testifying before a congressional committee, Dr Fauci denied any such links and labelled his accusers as liars.

It's a salient reminder that when you point your finger at someone, you also point three more back at yourself.

Like a Sara Lee cheesecake, there is layer upon layer upon layer of lies surrounding COVID-19. They are repeated by almost every government, media and bureaucratic organisation in the world.

Because so many are so tangled in this web they lend authority to the brazen lies. It leads many to conclude that the falsehoods must actually be facts.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The question is why? What is there to gain by paralysing the global economy, injecting tens of billions of dollars of experimental drugs into people and scaring the populace into submission?

The answer is always money and power.

National governments have basically deferred their decision making to globalist bureaucrats who take their lead from the likes of Fauci. In turn, Fauci is an avid supporter of The Great Reset which aims to reinvent capitalism to save the world from climate change.

We've discussed all this over the past two years. Many dismissed what we presented as a 'conspiracy theory' or 'fanciful'. Regrettably it has all been proved accurate.

To make matters worse, the legacy media has been bought off to promote the bogus narrative. Their license fees have been waived, they receive grants and many shows around the world are sponsored by the vaccine producers.

That's why we keep hearing how these medical experiments are safe and effective.

They are neither.

I shall say again that this scandal is nearing an end. The puppeteers know the jig is up and they need to backpedal before the people rise up in anger. Some of us are already angry but most are still demonstrating Bidenesque cognitive function.

That doesn't mean it is over. The megalomaniacs will likely lose this battle but the experience has proved what the people will accept and what they won't - right now.

Next time, that will be the starting point and they will seek to make even greater inroads into our liberties and to seize even greater control of our lives.

The next scare campaign will be a steroid fuelled version of COVID.

To achieve that, they'll need to beat a hasty retreat from the current one lest the rest of the people wise up to how they've been lied to.

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