Only The Truth Will Do

The social justice warriors continue to make excuses for the dysfunction surrounding many Aboriginal communities. It's time for some truth-telling.

Only The Truth Will Do

The chaos and lawlessness of Alice Springs is back in the news.

After a string of violent incidents over the weekend, a nighttime curfew has been declared. It means people are not allowed in parts of the town between 10 pm and 6 am without lawful excuse.

The police said that lawful excuses include:

"... if you're fleeing from domestic violence, if you're visiting family, if you have to care for someone, if you're here for employment purposes, if you go into a fast food restaurant or some lawful purpose."

The curfew wasn't imposed prior to 10 pm due to sensitivities around NAIDOC week.

It's the result of violence including the alleged assault of off-duty police officers by a group of 20 people. Three of the officers were women.

Another officer was run over outside a bottle shop on Friday afternoon and a woman was stabbed at lunchtime on Sunday.

I don't know much about the identity of the perpetrators but I'd lay London to a brick that they were mostly, if not all, Aboriginal.

Making that presumption will have many of the social justice warrior class screaming 'racism', just like they are calling the curfew 'racist'.

The problem is they don't want the truth of just how the hundreds of billions of dollars over recent decades has done nothing but create a growing problem involving Aboriginal people rather than solve systemic issues.

By giving people money and privilege based simply on their self-identification, you create an entitled class.

When you back that up with a litany of excuses for shocking and anti-social behaviour, you empower that entitled class.

The final step is when you decry truth and justice as racist hate speech and injustice, you provide an immunity shield to those who don't deserve it.

Australia has taken all those steps in an attempt to appease and cover up a disgraceful situation. That cover up continues with occasional media breakouts covering the recurring violence in places like Alice Springs.

However the social chaos is evident in many more places.

Abuse and violence in endemic in many Aboriginal communities and yet our politicians and media are afraid to talk about what is really happening.

I suspect that's because the truth might interfere in the continuous myth making surrounding Aboriginal culture.

The powers that be would rather support the fiction contained in Dark Emu rather than confront reality.

We simply cannot go on infantilising an entire group of people within our society based on their own demands that we somehow owe them something.

In many respects, it's much more likely they owe something to the rest of us.

I have no doubt that Aboriginal life expectancy in 2024 is much higher than it was 20,000 years ago. It would be higher still if individuals made healthier choices and cut back the cigarettes, drugs, fast food, sugar and alcohol.

That's what the rest of us seeking a healthier life try to do.

But the hopeless Aboriginal affairs minister, Linda Burney is having none of it.

She's not into personal responsibility but collective culpability, saying:

“The judicial system is not the answer but the community working with government is the answer, and that’s very much the way in which I’m pursuing the issues.”

I'm calling BS on that. Government doing everything the Aboriginal community wants has created the current problem. That process of appeasement rather than integration began decades ago.

Until that changes, we'll never stop the chaos, violence and dysfunction associated with many Aboriginal communities.

Thought for the Day

"It’s a pity that not more concerned Indigenous Australians don’t speak up about domestic violence, the child sexual abuse, alcoholism and all those things. They’re more concerned about how the wider public view them as opposed to actually solving some of these issues, so they remain silent."
Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

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