The Left's Glorious Meltdown

Once a doyen of the left, Elon Musk is now public enemy number one because he has backed free speech with his own money.

The Left's Glorious Meltdown

I wrote last week that the Left can only progress their agenda through censorship.

They rely on it to prevent their bad ideas being publicly ridiculed and replaced by good ideas.

In doing so, they have utilised the willing idiots in the legacy media and the new social media and tech giants.

That could be set to change thanks to Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter.

Twitter has been a haven for lefties who have been allowed to promulgate their own hate speech while seeing the conservative voice cancelled.

Musk, once darling of the Left is now public enemy number one because he wants to change the most powerful progressive propaganda platform.

The plan includes to remove fake accounts, verify the real people using the platform and allow more open speech. To most people these sound like sensible reforms but to the Twitter activists this is their 'move to Canada' moment.

You might recall when Trump was elected in 2016 a bunch of virtue-signalling celebrities promised to move to Canada in protest. None of them did.

Now, the promises are to quit Twitter when Musk takes over. Maybe they will but I bet that they won't.

Here's the reaction from some notable Twitter users that lean to the Left.

While Twitter is currently a cesspool of the Left, it has also become the defacto international Town Square. New rivals have scarcely dented it's importance to global communication which is why this move is important.

That social media (and tech giants like Alphabet) need reform is clear.

We cannot afford to allow these oligarchs to arbitrarily prohibit anything they don't like or that doesn't suit their agenda. Yet that is essentially what they have been doing.

Here's one commentator vocalising his fears that Musk will do exactly what Twitter has been doing to conservative political voices.

Incredibly, clowns like this don't even know how hypocritical they are being.


While Musk will have enormous (and potentially dangerous) power through this $61 billion purchase, he does seem genuinely committed to free speech. This is enough for me to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Whether that optimism is well placed will be determined by the passage of time.

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