Cancelling Censorship Culture

Censorship is about control by the elites. We all need to push back against this insidious threat.

Cancelling Censorship Culture
Photo by Bermix Studio / Unsplash

We've all read and heard a lot about censorship in recent times.

Some claim it is a necessary step to ensure a just and fair society. They are wrong.

Censorship has always been used by groups, government and individuals to limit freedom of thought and expression.

The first notable case of censorship occured in 399 BC when Greek philosopher Socrates was executed because of his influence over Roman youth.

History also details how censorship was embraced by regimes across the cultural divide. The  Chinese, Egyptians, Turks and Spanish all engaged in book burnings to counter ideas they didn't approve of.

The German translation of the Bible was banned by the Pope in 1624. Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn has regularly run into censorship problems, being repeatedly turfed out of libraries. Even Darwin's Origin of the Species was banned from Cambridge's Trinity College.

The reasons used to justify these actions are many but it usually comes back to vesting power and control in a small group of people.

That's why Braille books were banned in Paris in 1892. The director of the Paris school for the blind didn't want students to be reading books on their own.

That desire for unparalleled authority has manifested itself through political regimes throughout history. The Bolsheviks censored all books that didn't support communism back in 2017. These included the Bible, the Quran and even The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

The Nazi regime were also notorious censors and book burners. It began on May 10, 1933 when university students burned 25,000 books deemed 'un-German'.

We look back at these historical moments and think 'how could they do that'. What evil was at work inside of man that saw words on a page and personal thought as such a threat?

Unfortunately that scourge has not been deleted from mankind.

Today, we live in our own version of these book burning illiberal times.

Of course the battle isn't just over words on paper, it's much broader than that.

You see, the political left can't survive without censorship.

Their ideas are so kooky, so flawed and so dangerous that they cannot withstand the scrutiny of open debate.

That's why they are always looking to shut opposing ideas down.

We've seen various books banned in schools and libraries for failing the Left's racial or sexual purity test while they actively promote weird sex and gender theories to young children.

In the Left's world, it's wrong for kids to read Dr Seuss but okay for four year olds to be read The Gender Fairy.

During the COVID pandemic, information that ran counter to the authorised messaging of government was dismissed as misinformation and exiled to the fringes of society.

Individuals who actively promoted ideas like the Wuhan lab leak or alternative COVID treatments were often cancelled or banned from public forums.

That censorship continues today as little is made of how the information used to justify forcing people to be locked up, masked and segregated was misused or just plain wrong.

More recently, during this Federal election campaign, there have been calls for a Liberal candidate Catherine Deves to be disendorsed for calling out the unfairness of biological men competing in women's sport.

She's right and athletes, Mums and Dads around the country know it, but many are too afraid to speak up.

Those that do are labelled transphobic by the likes of politician Zali Steggall - an Olympic bronze medallist who never had to compete against biological men in her own sport.

Even the NSW deputy Liberal Leader Matt Kean was falling over himself to condemn Deves that he resorted to misrepresenting her remarks in a radio interview with Ben Fordham on 2GB.

I could go on. We see censorship and cancel culture on social and legacy media, in politics, in the workplace...just about everywhere.

And this societal trend isn't about maintaining peace and harmony or fairness.

It is about conditioning people to think in a single dimension that is approved by those seeking to engineer society for their own ends.

Just like every book-burning period of the ast, this one is about control.

That's why so many feel they have to 'walk on eggshells' as the Prime Minister put it the other day. They conduct their lives in fear of offending some professional complainant or another.

This is happening because the Left's ideas on economics, gender and identity politics cannot be sustained under serious scrutiny.

They push racist policies under the guise of combating racism. The pretend that gender is a social construct but insist there is gender inequality. They promote money printing as the means of making us all richer. They think freedom rather than a lack of personal responsibility is the cause of societal ills.

We are now in the grip of a delusional collective that is just as dangerous and evil as the intolerant book burners of yesteryear.

It's now up to all of us to take a stand and say we are not going to accept it anymore.

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