The Drums of War are Beating Louder

With another conflict that can potentially escalate into a global conflict, one has to ask if there is a bigger agenda behind it all. Few seem interested in de-escalation.

The Drums of War are Beating Louder
Photo by Amir Yalon / Unsplash

We've talked about the drums of war beating louder for some time now.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict has always been a proxy war for the anti-Russian neocons within the US administration.

They know war is good for business and the world needs an enemy.

We've also discussed the geo-political realignment of nations that has been in play as more countries reject US hegemony in world affairs.

Now, we are seeing that realignment tested via the Israel terror attacks.

Before I discuss that, it is essential to remember that we cannot trust anything presented as fact. All sides will manufacture and disseminate information to suit their objectives.

Thanks to digital technology, visual propaganda can be created so that it is virtually impossible to know whether it is accurate.

Hence the mantra: trust nothing, verify everything.

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