The Biden Family Depravity

The media denial of the overwhelming evidence of criminality by Hunter Biden and the Biden family shows just how corrupt the political system is.

The Biden Family Depravity

I have to admit, based on the information on one whistleblower website,  'Russian disinformation' is pretty good.

That's written in jest of course.

The media and Deep State narrative surrounding the depravity of Hunter Biden was that it was entirely false and a product of Russian election interference.  

It's now confirmed that the claims by the Deep State was the great lie.

Obviously it was done to protect 'Mr Ten Percent' during the Presidential contest so he could win and become the most manipulated puppet President in history.

They won that battle and have been fighting hard to suppress the truth ever since.

On that continuing front they are losing.

A trove of documents and photo's show the level of manipulation, criminality and lies of the Biden family and the Democrat Party.

These were found on Hunter Biden's laptop.

Additionally, there is conformed dishonesty by US agencies like the FBI. There's doctored footage of the January 6 unauthorised tour of the Capitol. There have also been unusual deaths of whistleblowers.

All the lies have been dutifully repeated as true by the captured legacy media.

Today we'll deal with just one part of it. Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop of depravity.

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