The Benefit of Low Expectations

After a year in office, while the political seas may seem calm amid a do-little government, below the surface a radical policy platform is being built.

The Benefit of Low Expectations

One year on from the Federal election and we are right to ask 'are we any better off'?

Once you set aside the partisanship of political tribalism, it's hard to conclude that we actually are in a better place.

Before we get in to why I think that's the case, let's deal with the tribalism first.

The previous government were hopeless.

They abandoned traditional Liberal values and pursued policies of the political left.

This was cheered on by the left-leaning media pack who sought to unpick the seams of whatever cloak the Coalition were wearing at the time.

And there were plenty of different political garbs to choose from, but it really felt like the Liberal emperor had no clothes.

The Party faithful saw that ahead of anyone else, as their hopes were repeatedly dashed by an opportunistic and unprincipled crew. Many took their votes elsewhere.

I know some may rationalise the poor performance by invoking COVID but that is the perfect example of where they failed.

Rather than examine the facts, the Coalition followed the mania.

They were too scared to use common sense, science and judgement to save the nation.

To make matters worse, they actively tried to stop others from discussing the truth in almost every public forum.

A Freedom of Information request reveals that the Home Affairs department used backdoor channels to intervene in over four thousand social media posts about COVID.

You can guarantee none of them were promoting the previous government's propaganda of safe and effective. slow the spread and follow the science.  .

But times have changed and we have a new crew in charge.

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