Respecting a Different Perspective

Discussing contemporary political policies with emotional detachment is the key to gaining insight and perspective. It's also a rare opportunity in this polarised world.

Respecting a Different Perspective
Photo by Nadine Shaabana / Unsplash

Having informed and respectful conversations with those who hold different views can be very insightful.

They help one to reassess their own position in the light of new facts or perspective.  

However, I have to say they are also becoming increasingly rare.

Differences of opinion on contentious issues, mostly around politics, are rarely responded to with sneers and abuse.

That's largely because political positions are now considered statements of morality.

The reasoning goes, 'if you don't believe in a certain policy then you are a bad person'.

That's particularly true of the political left but there are many absolutists on the right too.

Thus it was refreshing to be dining with an experienced political operator of a different tribe and being able to have a open discussion about the implications of The Voice.

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