Republic Earth

Echoing former Greens leader bob Brown, the Australian Labor Party has now embraced one world government under the 'Republic Earth' banner.

Republic Earth

A couple of weeks ago, Labor held their virtual national conference, which was a sanitised event trying to normalise the radical agenda of the Labor left.

They got away with most of it with the biggest pushback being to recognise Palestine as a legitimate state. It’s not of course but fact doesn’t matter to the policy extremists within Labor.

However one of the most radical additions to Labor’s national platform has mostly gone unremarked. Save for column in the Herald Sun,  scant mention has been made of Labor’s adoption of a ‘global republic’.

This is the brainchild of lawyer Daniel White, who works for a Labor backbencher and is the founder of “Republic Earth”. He’s even published a book about his plans for one world government which he calls the republic Earth Organisation.

Republic Earth is an 'imagined community'.

Within the 'imagined community' called Republic Earth there are 7.2 billion people, between 6,000 and 7,000 languages and 370 million indigenous people living in 90 countries around the world.

Republic Earth primarily aims to build a global online democracy using the technology of the digital revolution, as soon everyone on Earth will be connected if they wish to be.

Republic Earth appreciates that in the coming years people will increasingly reach, and relate to, people far beyond our own borders and language groups, sharing ideas, doing business and building genuine relationships.

Another notable political figure once pushed the one world government line. BOB BROWN

Fellow Earthians,…

For comprehensive Earth action, an all-of-the-Earth representative democracy is required. That is, a global parliament.

So let us resolve that there should be established for the prevalence and happiness of humankind a representative assembly, a global parliament for the people of the Earth based on the principle of one person one vote one value; and to enable this outcome that it should be a bicameral parliament with its house of review having equal representation elected from every nation.

Now it seems Labor are on the one world government bandwagon with the fringe dwellers in the Greens.

Unlike Brown’s luddite vision of a world working without electricity,  Labor's new platform for global governance envisions the smartphone will liberate us all, even though it currently enslaves most of the populace,  with a global version of the NBN connecting us all.

It will all happen under a Republic Earth Organisation formed by Australia and other democratic nations...the first step towards which is hosting a Summit of Democratic Nations.

Now if you think this sounds like a global version of the 2020 Summit hosted by Kevin Rudd you are not alone.

Remember the breathless anticipation the media and the ‘elites’ who were deemed qualified to attend of the outcomes of the hive mind in action.

A trawl through the 405 pages of the 2020 summit final report suggests the collective vision of the elites was as captured then by identity politics, as it is now. Take this box ticking gem on page 405.

“By 2020 Australia should be a republic with a female Prime Minister of non-Anglo extraction, a bridge between East Asia and the declining west and a country trusted and accepted as part of Asia. There should be seamless interaction between Australia and the Asian region, its cultures and languages. “

Refreshingly, Labor’s Republic Earth agenda initially aims to establish global government through music festivals rather than have privileged elites sitting around in bare feet feeling superior. That can all come later.

Republic Earth
Republic Earth. 46 vind-ik-leuks. Republic Earth wishes to establish a global democracy.

Has Labor learned nothing?

It faces an election in the next 15 months and it has now officially adopted ‘one world government’ as part of their policy platform. They’ve even got a flag ready to go…just in case we need one anytime soon.

At least there is one person in the labor party speaking sense to this garbage…Michael Danby - even though he was gagged from speaking at the national conference

He said “these crank policies do not appear to be reflecting the priorities of Australians”.

I couldn’t agree more.

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