Putting Gender in Perspective

You can choose whatever pronouns you like but it won't erase the differences between men and women.

Putting Gender in Perspective
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

I was raised to believe that men and women, while different, are equal.

Accepting that also means you can acknowledge there are some things men do better and other things in which women display a clear advantage.

However, the ignorant social-engineers insist that gender is merely a social construct and that a trans-woman is actually a real woman (and a trans-man is a real man).

In that context, we have to examine the reality of what they are suggesting.

There is no greater measuring stick than in the world of sports.

We've seen a variety of naive fools suggest that it's okay for biological men to compete in women's sport because they identify as transexuals.

In 19 US states, a bloke just needs to say he's a woman and entry into the female competition is assured. There is not even a testosterone (or anatomy) test.

Closer to home, former Defence Minister Linda Reynolds even claimed that men and women should compete in the same leagues - including NRL and the AFL!

To do so would be to see horrific injuries on the almost impossible occasion that a woman could actually qualify for inclusion in the leading men's football team.

So let's put these ridiculous notions into perspective.

First off, there is a huge physiological difference between men and women.

In a piece entitled 'Fit But Unequal', The Washington Post looked at two highly trained Olympic calibre athletes:one male and one female.

They identified some of the biological differences that affect their performance.

They found the male athlete had more lean muscle which gave him more power. His heart was larger and could circulate more blood per beat. This made his aerobic capacity 15 to 25 percent greater than the female athlete.

The female athlete's body fat was 16% of weight while the man's was half that. It was also showed that the fat accumulates in different areas on male and female bodies.

There are also anatomical differences.

Women have a shallower pelvis than men, giving them more flexibility in some joints. Women also have a higher 'Q angle'; thats the angle the femur meets the tibia, which puts more stress on her knee joints.  

None of these differences are taken away through hormone therapy in adult males.

Sure, they may look different as a result of the chemicals but the characteristics remain.

But what about performance? This is where it gets really interesting.

The following data is taken from the United States and compares the best 2016 male high school athletes with the world's best female athletes of that time.

It shows the age where the boys win against the women's world record.

Now imagine any of these child athletes were allowed to compete in the women's division of these events. They'd hold almost all the world records!

When you drill down into the data you can see that in most of them, the women's world record holder would often be outside the top placed 14 year old.

Here are just a couple of examples for the 200m and 400m running events.

The women's world record holder (2016), on her best day,  wouldn't even beat the 14 year old schoolboy champion. And note the caveat about the use of performance enhancing drugs.  

Having met Florence Griffith-Joyner, (the world record holder in the 200m above - set in 1988), I have no doubt she was a performance enhancing drug user.

The 400m women's world record time was sent in 1985. A unbroken 36 year time raises plenty of similar questions.

The one exception across all of these events is in the marathon, where the women's world record trumps all the boys best times.

So why is this, or the rest of the facts available important?

Because it bells the cat on the stupidity of the gender zealots demands, at least in respect to sport.

Recognising the physiological and anatomical difference between men and women is not transphobic. It's dealing with reality.

In an age when apparently anyone can identify as whatever they want to, we need to accept the truth of what makes us what we are, men and women. Different but equal.

All endowed with different gifts and talents that can never be erased by the demands of the kooky gender bender lobbyists.

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