The Joke that is Joe Biden

Joe Biden is now a running joke, even among Democrats. However, the Deep State will do whatever it can to keep its puppet in place.

The Joke that is Joe Biden

We will finish the week with a lighthearted look at one of the clowns running the free world: Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States of America.

First off, this is the bloke who couldn't get more than a handful of people to a campaign rally but allegedly won more votes than any Presidential candidate in US history.

The fact that a huge number of those votes arrived in counting stations in the middle of the night when Republican scrutineers had been sent home, were virtually all for Biden, and coincidentally were in the very states where they could swing the election is somewhat questionable.

Despite the obvious electoral fraud, the corrupt US judicial system has seen very little accountability for those involved.

Nor have we seen Joe Biden himself held accountable for his repeated lies - including the one about Trump labelling white supremacists as 'fine people'.


In fact, after their success in deceiving the American people, the Democratic machine behind it have doubled down on dishonesty by using the Department of Justice and the FBI to pursue their political opponents.

The largest target has been Trump.

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