If the Left are Right, Why are They so Worried?

What is it about conservatives having a voice that gets so many on the left so irate?

The most logical conclusion is that the self-professed ‘tolerant’ are only accepting of those that agree with them. How else can one explain the vitriol, abuse and vile slurs that have been directed at many of those who dare challenge their sacred policy cows?

Now I know that there can be unpleasantness on all sides of any political debate but the past few weeks have been particularly special. The cause célèbre this time is Gillard’s carbon tax which seems to have awakened the normally silent conservative voice.

Because a small number of groups have started to coordinate action against Gillard’s great election lie, the activism field, which the left have had to themselves for so long, suddenly seems a little crowded.

Now any reasonable person would welcome the engagement of citizens in the political process outside of election times. I know I do, even when I disagree with the very premise of what various groups are advocating. It’s good for our democracy and frankly, I hope it will close down the culture of political correctness that does so much to stifle free speech.

As an advocate of grassroots activism, I have regularly put my money where my mouth is and helped fund a number of good ideas with my own cash. This is something that clearly rankles the twitter brigade and many in the blogosphere.

It also seems to have upset some at our national broadcaster.

Last week, Lateline did a piece on the new activism by the conservatives and in a non-too-subtle attempt to suggest some sort of orchestrated plot, revealed an amazing link between the Liberal Party and at least one centre-right website: me!

That’s right, our national broadcaster did a company search that revealed I was a director of a company that registered the internet domain name menzieshouse.com.au.

A Google search would have been a simpler and cheaper use of taxpayers’ money as the fact I provided this group with funds to get started – including a domain name and web hosting – was made public in The Australian newspaper over 12 months ago – before the website even went live.

Equally clear was the fact that this was a project by a group of young people who were seeking to promote debate and discussion among libertarians and conservatives and they alone would determine how it functioned.

Despite some occasional errors of judgment, the editors have developed menzieshouse.com.au into an online community exploring issues from a centre-right perspective. They have also taken an interest in engaging their readership in direct political activism.

This, it appears, is their great crime against the left.

Menzies House activism started with getting a petition against the flood levy and more recently with a campaign against the carbon tax. After gathering a staggering 20,000-plus signatures and helping to mobilise action to fight this terrible tax, the editors are now in the sights of the organised and hateful left.

Among the many ‘choice’ messages have been death threats, personal abuse and online character assassination.

Which brings me back to why the left respond so viciously to any challenge of their moral authority. An editor of menzieshouse.com.au, Tim Andrews described it like this:

If Big Left really were unashamed of their actions, they would welcome debate. They would welcome Australians getting involved in their civic duty and taking action upon their beliefs. They would, indeed, encourage this debate in the battle of ideas. They do not want debate, they want power. And are willing to do anything to stop the Australian people from waking up to their radical agenda.

I couldn’t agree more.

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