Thank You

After eleven years, five books and 556 columns, as i wind up my time in the Senate, I'll be taking a break from writing my weekly column.

Thank You
Photo by Pete Pedroza / Unsplash

Next month it will be eleven years since I first wrote my Weekly Dose of Common Sense column.

That time has seen the distribution list grow from a couple of dozen people to a six-figure email list. Every column prompts hundreds of comments and responses ranging from congratulatory to the apoplectic.

It has always fascinated me how different individuals will consider the same words and draw vastly different conclusions from them.

Over the years, I’ve covered the political, the personal, the wacky, the weird and the wonderful. It won’t have been lost on anyone that sometimes all those subgroups converge in a delightful display of humanity.

The weekly message has rarely been planned.

More often than not, I simply start to write, and that process takes me somewhere my subconscious wants me to be.

At times, that place has got me into a spot of bother, but hindsight often demonstrates that the views that triggered outrage in so many have often proved prescient.

It has been a wonderful journey, but after five books and 556 columns, this will be my last Weekly Dose of Common Sense for a while.

It's time to regroup and contemplate future directions.

I am grateful to those who have been a part of that journey from the beginning and those who have only just begun. It has been wonderful to meet so many over the years who have told me they are part of the common sense community.

That community will continue throughout our great nation, but my contribution will be through a different forum.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and feedback. I wouldn’t have done it without you.

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