The First Casualty Was Truth

Giving more power to those who have deceived us is crazy. Yet that is what they are asking for.

The First Casualty Was Truth
Photo by Michael Carruth / Unsplash

Among the many casualties of the pandemic that stopped the world is the credibility of authority figures and international bodies.

The bureaucratic class has been exposed as corrupted by power and compromised by influence.

Do I really need to remind you that what they decried as 'conspiracy theories' of the 'tin foil hatters' are now accepted wisdom.

Think about it. They told us the origin of the pandemic virus was natural and not in a lab. The models they used to scare the world to death were horribly wrong.

They called those of us who questioned the death statistics as abhorrent yet today they openly admit how bloated and dishonest they were.

And what about the mask and party hypocrites, those who preach one thing and do another. They are legion across the world from Boris Johnson to Steven Marshall.

Then we could start on Dr Anthony Fauci's failures and inconsistencies but I am afraid we'd be here all night.

What we have lived through these past two years has been one of the worst pantomimes I have ever seen.

Frankly, I consider many of those on the stage as unfit for the role they hold. They have forever damaged that ribbon of trust that exists between public and public servant, elected or otherwise.

But this lot have had a taste of global control and they won't be giving that up easily.

I'm guessing that's why the World Health Organisation (WHO) is setting up a new "global accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response."

According to the WHO website:

The Health Assembly met in a Special Session, the second-ever since WHO’s founding in 1948, and adopted a sole decision titled: “The World Together.” The decision by the Assembly establishes an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) to draft and negotiate a WHO convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response...

There's more detail about this plan on the European Council website.

They explain that is intended to be a legally binding agreement on all the nation states that sign up to it.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council at World Health Summit is quoted as saying:

We need to create an environment where every scientist, health worker, and government can band together for a common cause. Working together to build new solutions to protect what is most precious - our health and our lives.

Now I fully understand why most people would like accurate information and scientifically valid health information in light of the farce we have endured for two years.

However when even the States of Australia can't agree on the science, or even is dancing, singing and drinking standing up are health problems what chance do we have to reach a global agreement?

It was last year when South Australia's Chief Health Officer overturned decades of health information by saying the liquor stores were staying open to prevent domestic violence.

But let's suppose the 194 members of the WHO do agree on a legally binding agreement. What then?

By my reading, it means the entire world would be captive to the clowns who have already provided us with so many poor decisions.

They appointed the man who conducted Bat virus gain of function research in Wuhan to investigate the lab leak theory. Unsurprisingly Peter Daszac dismissed the claims, and the WHO merely parratoed the chinese communist governments narrative.

It led to Japanese Deputy Prime Minister to note that the WHO is more like the 'Chinese Health Organisation.'

WHo leader Dr Tedros, is not a physician and only became WHO boss with China's support. He has also been accused of covering up three cholera outbreaks while serving as Ethiopia's health minister.

Additionally, one of the largest funders of the WHO is the Bill and Melinda gates foundation - giving US $455 million in 2018/19.

Now I am sure the foundation does amazing work in many areas but that sort of money will always generate significant influence in any organisation.

I'm quite sure I don't want more influence peddling billionaires insisting on what's good for us and having a legally binding global agreement with which to enforce their will.

If we've learned anything from the past two years it is that we cannot rely on what we are told, nor on the authenticity of those that mouth the words.

We are right to be cynical and it would be absolutely wrong to entrust those who have created this mess with even more power on the promise they will somehow, magically make it all better.

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