Confusing Climate Logic

Keeping up with the climate catastrophists is becoming harder. As each of their theories is proved false, they clutch at new, even more outlandish ones to scare us with.

Confusing Climate Logic
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

You may have heard the phrase ‘they change their mind as often as Melbourne weather’. It’s particularly appropriate when referring to the high priests and priestesses of weather worship - the climate change cultists.

Yes, I know the climate is changing. It's been changing before man made fire or invented the wheel.  It’s constantly been changing, and it always will.

That’s a little inconvenient for the cultists who have to continually change their apocalyptic predictions and their so-called ‘solutions’. 

We’ve been through the global cooling panic of the 1970s. The ozone layer hole of the 1980s, the acid rain catastrophe of the 1990s, the great global warming panic of the 2000s, into the catch-all climate change cult and now we enter the period of Greta’s global boiling.

We’ve gone from environmental campaigners like Bob Brown advocating for coal use over new hydro (back in the Franklin Dam protest days) through to gas cookers being banned in homes. 

We’ve also seen the environmental zealots blockading the roads to stop nuclear power to now having some International Greens parties saying nuclear is the solution to the world's climate problems. 

As I said, the cultist collective seems to change their mind as often as the weather.

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