Fast and Be Happy

Always looking for a middle aged body hack, I did my first 36 hour fast this week. It won't be my last.

Fast and Be Happy
Photo by Tim Wildsmith / Unsplash

We're departing from the usual diet of politics and toxic culture to focus on real food.

Or more specifically, the absence of it.

Earlier this week I completed my first 36 hour fast. To be honest, I don't know what prompted it or why I thought it was a good idea. It was just something I thought I'd try.

It was actually a pretty good experience and while I was feeling all virtuous (and a tad hungry), I did some research. What I found was very interesting.

First off there are reputedly many body benefits to extended fasting.

You blood sugar stabilises, it reduces inflammation, you can lose weight and boost your immune system.

That's what the research says. I hope it's true but even if it isn't, I felt really good after 36 hours with no food.

I've been trying to follow a process of intermittent fasting for a while now.

Generally I try to go for at least 12 hours without calories in any one day. One of the results of that lifestyle is that I now know I feel so much better if I don't eat at night.

Missing that evening meal makes me feel much more energised the next day than if I'd eaten. Again, I can't explain why and it might be a different experience for other people.

Reflecting on the fasting experience made me much more conscious of what we are actually putting into our bodies.

It's led me to conclude that much of what we do consume isn't really good for us.

There are chemicals and preservatives in most everything we buy. The meat has hormones, the seafood is often farmed and the fruit could be weeks old by the time it arrives on our supermarket shelves.

That has to be impacting our health and wellbeing.

At the most basic level, if you've ever caught fresh fish and eaten it that day, you'll scarcely be able to stomach store bought seafood ever again.

Perhaps it's a mental thing but here's something about the freshness that makes it feel healthier.

The same for anyone who has hunted wild rabbits. They always taste better than the farmed ones.

Now I know we can't all go back to hunter gatherers.

However, it could be that an extended fast, allows our body to relieve itself of the burden of dealing with our regular dose of toxins.

Free of the requirement to cleanse, the body can get on with the process of repair and maintenance.

Whether that is scientifically valid or not, that's what it feels like to me.

It's why I'll try to keep the 36 hour fast as part of my weekly routine. Maybe you'd like to give it a go too.

Thought for the Day

"Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life."
Janine di Giovanni

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