Enough is Enough

Activists are using Australia Day to render judgement on history by the standards of today. It's time the rest of us applied some standards of our own.

Enough is Enough
Photo by Amber Weir / Unsplash

Tomorrow is Australia Day.

It's meant to be a day that brings us together as we celebrate the birth of this great nation.

That doesn't mean everything in our history is something to be proud of but it is silly to judge the actions of yesteryear by the standards of today.

Actually, its that cross generational judgement that is causing so many of today's societal issues.

One prime example is slavery. Although not officially practiced in Australia it was common across many parts of the world.

The people of entire nations were enslaved by their conquerers. So too were tribes and clans, irrespective of their skin colour.

Back then, it was simply considered the 'right' of the winning team.

In parts of Africa, it was quite common for one tribe to 'round up' another tribe and then on-sell them to the slave traders who visited their shores.

It was a monumental injustice but I am yet to see anyone calling for reparations for those that originally sold them into slavery. No, that is just the preserve of the generations who have benefited from being born and raised in the wealthy West.

We're seeing a similar distortion in Australia in respect to the Aboriginal people and the benefits of modernity.

European settlement of Australia has given us everything we have.

In respect to Aboriginal Australians, a vast majority of those ticking the 'I am Aboriginal box' are enjoying incredible lives. They have homes and jobs, enjoy excellent health care and a life free of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

That's not to say all Aborigines enjoy those benefits but the same can be said of many other Australians.

However we are now facing a series of demands to supposedly address the life failings of a tiny minority.

That's not to say we shouldn't extend genuine help to those truly in need but sometimes that takes incredible courage.

As every parent knows, help is not always about giving but sometimes it involves saying 'No!'

If parents cannot or will not look after their children, we owe those kids a family that will. It doesn't matter what their race, creed or colour; every child deserves a safe and loving environment to be raised in.

We know the key to ending entrenched disadvantage are education and jobs. Those that are denied or refuse these opportunities will always be lost - particularly when they will be 'paid' for doing so.

And yet, we allow too many to opt-out of those life-changing opportunities under the pretext of ancestry. We have to say 'no more' to that perceived entitlement.

We can't deny that mainstream Australia has contributed to the issues afflicting many remote Aboriginal communities. However, it's not European settlement or Australia Day or the lack of 'voice' that's caused the problem.

It's entirely down to the fact we have accepted people opting out of key components of our system likes jobs and school, while demanding access to others like welfare.

At some point, for the good of the country we have to say 'enough is enough'.

Otherwise nothing will change.

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