Climate Con 26

The latest climate change cabal is scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland next month.

Climate Con 26
Photo by Zbynek Burival / Unsplash

The latest climate change cabal is scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland next month.

It will be the epicentre of groupthink where the un-indoctrinated are badgered into compliance. It’s appropriately known as COP26 because the international climate change police will be out in force.

While our own PM is undecided about attending, the perpetually outraged former Liberal PM, Malcolm Turnbull will be there.

Perhaps he will give a speech and explain why he wants those dirty diesel-powered subs over the nice clean green zero emissions nuclear models.

It’s all about saving the planet after all.

Anyway, whoever Australia sends to be lectured by the lefty luvvies, the pressure will be on to sign up to the latest mindless pledge of net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Australia add their name to the document that no current politician will have to honour.

By doing so, it potentially neutralises a political threat for the government but it may open up a pandora’s box of political problems. Not least with the Nationals Party who are pre-empting a capitulation by the Liberals.

Here’s Bridget McKenzie.

McKenzie makes an excellent point. It won’t be the inner-city socialists paying the penalty for this political posturing.

It’ll be our miners, our farmers and our manufacturers.

The other thing to bear in mind is that these climate capitulations are advocated by countries who won’t suffer from what they want to inflict on others.

Their demands (and compliance) suit their economies and we are entitled to do exactly the same.

Now I loathe futile symbolic policy announcements and see no need to cancel our tiny carbon dioxide footprint. However, if that really is important to save the planet, then the only way we can hope to do it and keep our economy functioning is with nuclear power.

Of course, the Greens and Labor reject that. Unfortunately so do many in the Liberal Party.

These obstructionists think wind towers and solar panels and big batteries will power the future. One thing I can guarantee they will do is pollute the future.

Disposing of these environmental time-bombs will be the next problem child for the environmental movement.

There might also be a small problem with the Australian citizen.

We have the highest uptake of domestic solar panel installation anywhere in the world. Generous subsidies from taxpayers and feed-in tariffs gave us an economic reason to install them.

Now however, there’s too much power when we don’t need it and not enough when we do.

That’s why the electricity companies are busy slashing the feed in tariffs, leaving the punter feeling a little short-changed.  It’s not quite the green dream they were promised.

But Green political rhetoric is never what it promises to be.

They are empty words from empty vessels trying to fill themselves with virtue and importance. Behind it all is a desire to cash in on the perpetual boondoggle linked to the ‘end of the world is nigh’ narrative.

Our anti-hero of the hour Malcolm Turnbull said as much when quoted by the website he helped start in Australia – The Guardian.

After some obligatory bagging of a Liberal Party that dare exist without his leadership, he admitted his attendance at COP26 was about pursuing his interest in green hydrogen.

As I have often said, behind every green zealot is someone riding their favourite horse. The name of that horse is Self-Interest.

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