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The media networks have a lot riding on a Biden victory. Not least being a Trump win could see them held to account.

Censored News Network

A lot of people and organisations will be sweating on next weeks US Presidential election.

After all, there's a lot riding on it - and not just for the candidates and their cronies.

But there is one group that will be particularly worried. Those involved in the US media. They'll be hoping and praying (to whatever image of themselves they worship) that Biden wins because their very future may depend on it.

A Biden victory would be a reward to the major media groups for their shamelessly biased reporting of the election campaign. They have been Biden boosters throughout and aided and abetted his crooked family enterprise through non-reporting.

If Biden wins, they'll get away with the abrogation of their duty to the American people.

However, a Trump win would be their worst nightmare.

President Trump would be completely justified in removing the speech responsibility exemptions for the tech media giants. This would cost them tens of billions in additional costs while exposing them to greater legal sanctions.

(Personally I think this should happen but it is only a real prospect under a Trump Presidency).

The traditional media networks would also be quaking in their corporate boots. After all, if they practice cancel culture in their non reporting of the news, it would be perfectly reasonable to cancel their White House media access.

Why give media accreditation to outfits that won't report some of the biggest stories in the history of politics and public office?

Surely it can't be that they really think the Biden crime family scandal is a Russian hoax even if they use that as justification to ignore it.

Their repeated reporting of 'peaceful protests', involving thousands of black looters, trashing and raiding stores to steal whatever they can, defy any rationale.  

This week they even blamed police for shooting an 'unarmed man' who happened to be charging at them with a large knife while seeking to kill the officers.

That's right, a large knife in the hands of a violent offender with a long criminal history, is an 'unarmed man' in media new-speak.

This is the dystopian society that has emerged in the minds of the mainstream media. Facts do not matter, truth is no longer important.

As such, they have abandoned their reason for being and have surrendered the traditional liberties afforded to the free press.

In some cases they are even refusing to air paid political advertisements. Here is a pro Trump advertisement that CNN refused to run despite it being factually correct.  

It's not just me who worries about this.

Watch the interview with old school media man Piers Morgan

Now,  here's part of the CNN vision statement.
Compare it with observations in the interview above and decide for yourself if CNN is living up to its own goals.

CNN is committed to achieving accuracy. We strive to present the truth to our audience. We strive to attain accuracy in our output by:

- guarding against carelessness and omission of important news

- continuously seeking and reporting the truth

- reporting information we have found to be false

- checking and cross checking our facts

- promptly and appropriately correcting errors upon discovery

- ensuring that all sources are reliable and that our stories are based on evidence

CNN’s objective is to provide the best possible news coverage to the public.... CNN strives to provide the most neutral and unbiased stories to our audience so that they can obtain the most accurate information.

CNN treats all subjects of news coverage with respect and dignity, without discrimination. We present a diversity of expressions, perspectives, and ideas. We deliver accurate information because we are devoted to gaining the trust of our audience.

CNN aims to provide breaking news to its viewers without any biases or distortion of the facts. Due to the highly controversial nature of many subjects related to politics and world news, CNN balances all information provided by interviewing and seeking information from knowledgeable experts on each side of the topic.

At CNN, integrity is the ultimate importance to the brand...Our aim is not to address a certain point of view but to deliver comprehensive journalism.

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