Cancellation By Association

The demise of the West is being fuelled by the abandonment of established principles by our political leaders.

Cancellation By Association

There's so much going on in the world it's hard to know where to look.

Maybe that's the point. By changing gaze to the latest shiny object we are distracted from the substantive issues we should be paying attention to.

Trump's possible arrest, banking collapses, inflation, transgenderism, identity politics and so forth, are all symptoms of the real problem which the political and media elites hope we'll miss.

The most significant problem we have is the parlous state of the Western world.

It is dysfunctional, chaotic and on the verge of collapse.

America is a deliberately divided and corrupt political swamp. The UK is a failing society. Canada is ruled by an tyrant. France is now operating by Presidential decree and New Zealand is a cot-case of wokeness.

Around the world, democratic freedoms and the rule of law are being replaced by authoritarianism and most people haven't even noticed.

As for Australia, our politics is dominated by left-wing ideologues - even in the centre right political parties.

The latest example is the proposal by Victorian opposition leader John Pesutto to expel MP Moira Deeming from the Liberal Party room.

Her 'crime' was to speak at a 'let women speak' rally which was gatecrashed by a bunch of men with waxed legs and shaven armpits claiming to be representing National Socialism.

They gave the NAZI salute as they marched in front of Victoria's parliament house.

Their attendance had absolutely nothing to do with Deeming but that doesn't matter to John Pesutto.

Instead, he compiled a dossier of 'offences' by those linked to Deeming by virtue of her support for the 'let women speak' event.

Here's the evidence he's put to his Party Room. (click to download)

This 'dossier' doesn't include scandalous claims Pesutto made on national television about associations with David Duke of the Klu Klux Klan and others.

Those claims were taken directly from the Internet journal of no-repute, Wikipedia. They are completely false.

What sort of a political leader seeks to expel one of his own party on the basis of a Wikipedia entry without seeking to confirm it first?

You can make your own assessment but here's mine.

In Pesutto's eyes, anyone remotely connected with someone remotely connected to someone with terrible views is guilty of an offence and should be expelled from public life.

It's worth pointing out that a lot of what Pesutto has presented as fact has been denied. Time will tell if what he says is true but I don't think it matters.

Pesutto is finished. If the motion to expel fails he is finished. Even if it succeeds, he is finished.

It's all just a matter of time because the principle behind Pesutto's expulsion drive is wrong.

The exquisite irony of the situation of a woman being cancelled because of the behaviour of men at a let women speak conference wasn't lost on many observers.

Here's an insightful interview with Posie Parker by Rebel News. It provides important perspective not shown on the mainstream media.


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