Back to the Future

The government wants our future immigration program to look like the recent past. Most Australians want something different

Back to the Future

Last week the government released their 2021 intergenerational report.

Like the previous releases it’ll prove about as reliable as an East German Trabant. And like the former state of East Germany it will serve as a propaganda instrument for the big Australia advocates.

Most Australians don’t want a return to the extremely high immigration levels of the last 20 years. That’s perfectly understandable as it’s delivered a deterioration in the quality of life for many of us.

Not only has the immigration Ponzi scheme created congestion and demand led cost rises,  it’s reduced the per-capita income growth.

That’s a big reason why you are struggling to keep up with the weekly essentials.

But the Treasury officials behind this report don’t care about things like that. They only care about the headline figures showing the economy is growing.

Of course it will grow if you bring in an extra 250k people every year. They have to buy things and that way the government can boast of ‘GDP growth’.

Business loves it too.

When they aren’t virtue signalling some woke cause, the big corporates are ruled by the dollar and love the big Australia agenda and the cheap labour it provides.

But what’s the point if our quality of life goes backwards?

Well the boffins in Treasury will tell you it’s all about supporting our ageing population. We need more people to shore up government finances and do the work.

That’s true, to an extent. However it ignores the reality that these new arrivals will also age and stop working. That’s where the Ponzi scheme kicks in…we’ll need more and more  new arrivals with each generation.

In the process our nation will change…socially, economically and culturally. Is that really what most Australians want?

I actually thing most mainstream Australians aren’t like the self-loathing nation haters that dominate political discourse.

People like Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi who wrote:  .

“Being born a person of colour outside Australia is a permanent mark that is used to render me, and people like me, irrelevant and voiceless in white-colonised countries.”

A muslim immigrant from Pakistan who spent eight years in the NSW State Parliament and now sits in the Federal senate claims to be rendered ‘irrelevant and voiceless’ in her adopted country.

I bet a lot of Aussies would love to be as ‘voiceless’ as this graceless politician.

She’s not alone of course. There are plenty of people who use the freedoms and opportunities available to all in this country to attack it from within.

Most of them are on the public purse, being supported by the taxpayers that they clearly have so much contempt for, and spend their time attacking our cherished institutions.

At the other end of the scale are the migrants who simply get on with the job of building a better life for themselves and their families.

These people enrich all of us and build upon the bedrock that established our nation. They recognise how great this country is and want to make it even better.

They know the tyranny of big government and the oppression of the talking class with their cancel culture and perpetual grievances.

We don’t hear from these people too often because they are so busy getting on with their life, they don’t have time to poke their noses into yours.

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