A Growing Problem

The double standards applied to retail crime suggest Australia is following the path that has delivered devastating consequences for places like San Francisco.

A Growing Problem

My comments last week about the severely compromised US justice system sparked a flurry of emails.

They all contained personal examples of how our own system of law and order is selectively applied.

I fully understand why discretion is sometimes necessary in the application of laws to ensure justice is applied appropriately.

That could be a police officer letting someone off with a caution (or what used to be a swift kick in the pants when we were kids) rather than clogging up the court system.

Similarly, if someone goes to court, a conviction over a momentary lapse in judgment can have lifelong repercussions. Far better for a judge to interpret the defendant's character whilst weighing the charge's seriousness in deciding any penalty.

Of course, errors will be made under such a system, but I still think the leeway is worth the bad calls.

But the tales that came my way weren't about that principle. They mostly involved examples of overt discrimination in the application of the law.

Many came from readers who work in a retail environment.

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