The Grubby Global Elite

The release of the Epstein files continues the cover-up that protects a powerful elite. It's increasingly obvious that there's a two-tiered system of justice in operation.

The Grubby Global Elite

We got another peek into the grubby world of the global elite yesterday.

A judge unsealed some documents attached to the Jeffery Epstein child trafficking service that seemingly entertained a lot of the rich and famous.

The centre of Epstein's operation were his Manhattan townhouse, his private jet and his private island.

Much of the court evidence relating to those people named in his (and offsider Ghislaine Maxwell's) case was suppressed. This resulted in one person being imprisoned pending trial (alleged suicide victim) and another found guilty of child trafficking, while there were no perpetrators charged with using their services.

It had the air of a cover-up for the rich and powerful.

Now that the court documents have been released, the stench of cover-up is still attached.

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