When Yes Means No

A chance conversation with a referendum Yes voter ended with them convincing themselves a No vote was better for the country.

When Yes Means No

It's been more than three years since I quit politics, but I still get the occasional person who thinks I am still a Senator.

The most recent one was at the Airport yesterday.

My flight was delayed, and after inquiring as to the new departure time, I was approached by a fellow traveller.

"Senator Bernardi," he said. I politely told him that was in another life and that I'm a 'civilian' today.

The disappointment on his face was evident, and he told me that he thought I was still on the public purse and so felt entitled to ask for some advice.

Usually, I'd avoid such an engagement because public confrontations over political matters rarely end well. However, on this occasion, I asked the bloke how I could help.

That's when he raised the subject of the Voice.

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