Weekend Open Forum

There's plenty to ponder in this crazy world of ours. Here's the place to do it.

Weekend Open Forum

A yellow legal pad with “Buy Bitcoin” scribbled on it - the type that will cost you less than $10 for three — just sold for $1.027 million during an auction.

‘Buy Bitcoin’ sign was sold for $1.027 million at online auction.

Could this be a sign the Bitcoin top is in?

Here's some trivia for you.

Ever wondered about the intriguing question of whether shoes are worn inside the house or not?

About half the world keeps shoes on (and these places consider bare feet disgusting typically)

And half take the shoes off (and consider wearing shoes inside gross and unnecessary)

Your country of birth will determine your attitude, unless youve traveled abroad and seen both worlds

-Blue is shoes on
-Green is shoes off


And in case you're feeling a little low today, have a look at this!

Have a great weekend and join the conversation below.

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