Weekend Open Forum

Something is cooking or needs to be, but the answer is in your hands. Join the Open Forum to shed some light on Vegan cooking! The cows are especially interested.

Weekend Open Forum
Photo by Robert Bye / Unsplash

Cory needs your help.

He's admitted to having a Vegan friend who is coming to visit, and he wants to make this Broccoli Pasta, but he doesn't know all the ingredients.

Any help from the culinary skilled would be greatly appreciated.


And while Veganism may be a culinary fetish, here's more evidence that you cannot trust the propaganda and collusion between the apparatas of government and the media.

This was then.

This is now.

After years of denial and talk of Russian conspiracies, the Hunter Biden laptop is now acknowledged as true.

The Biden crime family has now recognised (another) crooked pervert in their ranks.

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