Truth Is The New Hate Speech

Truth Is The New Hate Speech

Truth Is The New Hate Speech – If you doubt that, just consider the latest virtue-signalling stoush between television living legend Kerri-Anne Kennerley and self-appointed PC ‘celebrity’ Yumi Stynes.

Now I confess to never having heard of Yumi Stynes until she decided to call KAK a ‘racist’ on national television. Of course, the slur wasn’t because Kerri-Anne actually said anything racist but because she dared to actually mention some of the dysfunction within aboriginal communities.

You see, KAK dared to speak the truth about the abhorrent rate of child sexual abuse, domestic violence and spousal abuse in many indigenous communities.

She tempered her comments by failing to mention the alarming prevalence of substance abuse, rates of sexually transmitted diseases, children being born with syphilis or the poor education and health outcomes in these same communities – but she didn’t need to.

Kerri-Anne’s mild and sensible comments unleashed the rage of the ignorant truth-deniers whose opinion is shaped by utopian fantasy rather than reality.

Stynes kicked it off by saying Kennerley’s statement was not ‘even faintly true’ and that ‘every time you open your mouth, you sound racist.’

Simply by calling out the pathetic virtue-signalling protesters who protest about the date of Australia Day but refuse to acknowledge the truth of child rape, to the Yumi Stynes of the world you are a racist.

In Stynes’ world, the fact that a white person dares even speak of problems within a black community is insulting (and racist). She said as much on a radio interview “…do you know what I love? White people telling me about racism”.

It’s as if having a Japanese mother and multi-generational Australian father makes you the right colour to be able to speak.

To me, that’s the greatest example of racism in this entire episode.

We shouldn’t be surprised by the hypocrisy of the leftists though. The rules of polite society (and facts) only apply in the manner that they want them to.

Obscenity, abuse, racism, heterophobia, stereotyping, ageism, quotas and identity politics are all legitimate and accepted when used by a lefty activist but are vile and contemptible from an opponent.

Many of these bullying hypocrites inhabit the cosy echo chamber of the mass media who then bestow the protection of the double standard to their political favourites.

Regrettably, this recent exchange of fact versus fiction is only a micro sample of what is displayed every single day for those in public life in any form. In fact, it is a carbon copy of the daily tirades from too many MPs and Senators whenever the parliament sits. Labor, the Greens and increasingly the Liberal and National parties are putting people in parliament to tick a ‘right look’ box to appease the media, not because they are capable, common sense Australians. Reason, rationality, truth and logic have become the latest casualties in the assault on our way of life and our freedoms.

It’s time to bring back common sense. We can start by electing Australian Conservatives senators in the next federal election.

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