Troubled Teens

The trend of medically assisted mutilation of children is a diabolical step for society.

Troubled Teens
Photo by Brielle French / Unsplash

This week, there’s a disturbing story about partial sex change surgery being performed on 13-year-olds in Australia.

It described breast removal operations on children on the strength of a single psychiatrist's letter. 

The process for medical mutilation of this young teen was a 20-minute consultation with a surgeon and a single consultation with a psychiatrist who wrote a referral for a double mastectomy. 

Incredibly, if you went to the medical tourist mecca of Thailand for this surgery, you couldn’t get it done until you were 20. 

You’ll all be aware of my view of this trend of gender dysphoria and forcing the rest of us to pretend their reality is the actual truth. I reject it in its entirety. 

However, if an adult wants to butcher their body to satisfy their emotional state then that’s on them. Chopping off your genitals makes no more sense to me than covering your face in tattoos or having horn implants. 

It suggests greater problems than not liking your own body, but if I’m not paying for it or expected to change my life as a result, let them do what they want.

However, we aren’t talking about adults, we are talking about children,

In the case mentioned above, the 13-year-old is younger than what the lefty advocates claim should be the age of criminal responsibility. 

That’s right, how one can reconcile believing kids can consent to having their bodies mutilated before they can be responsible for criminal activities is more tortured lefty logic. 

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