Tools of Enslavement

As politicians provide 'solutions' to problems they have manufactured, the real agenda is delivering them more power, control and authority over our lives.

Tools of Enslavement
Photo by Elena Rouame / Unsplash

I’ve warned you before that the purported solutions to our current problems are the tools of our future enslavement.

The convenience of the non-cash economy will deliver digital currencies used to track and control your life. The surveillance state introduced under the guise of keeping you safe and having ‘smart cities’ will be used as part of a social credit system - eventually determining what you are permitted to do by the state.

The digital ID, also known as the internet passport, will track your actions online, making it easy for the government or tech overlords to cancel you for whatever transgression you commit. 

Then there’s the climate change con.

Why do I call it a con? Because the climate has constantly been changing, and man’s carbon dioxide emissions do not drive it.

The evidence for that is abundantly clear. We’ve had ice ages and warming periods when CO2 has been higher and lower than it is currently. 

Now and again, the truth is inadvertently exposed as the clash of virtue signals becomes inevitable. 

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