They Are What They Condemn

The affirmative action agenda has fuelled its own systemic racism with the advocates becoming the very racists they condemn.

They Are What They Condemn
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

It seems you can't escape racism.

Actually, that should read you can't escape perceptions of racism.

In this mad world, almost every action, statement or viewpoint can be considered by someone as racist. So much so it has diminished the meaning of the term.

That's not really surprising when the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) says that:

Racism is more than just words, beliefs and actions. It includes all the barriers that prevent people from enjoying dignity and equality because of their race.

That means pretty much everything can be racist, unless of course that racism is directed against white people.

According to the leftists, racism directed at white people isn't racist.

It's just balancing an imaginary cultural ledger or some such garbage.

Over the weekend, Donald and Melania Trump were labelled racists for attending a 'Braves' World Series baseball game and doing the 'Tomahawk chop'. I guess all the other people who did it are racists too.

Aussie footy fans were told that booing Adam Goodes was racist but booing white players is not.

Disrespect (and racism) is apparently a one way street, as is the demands for diversity.

Media diversity advocate Antoinette Lattouf, once told me on a Sky News program that it was different skin tones the media needs rather than a difference of opinion.

I am still waiting for confirmation that she is willing to give up her spot for a 'diversity' placement but I think we all know the answer to that.

This duality of modern racist thought is a big problem.

The cultural left want to fight their perception of systemic racism with objectionably and demonstrably racist behaviour.

It would be appalling to advertise a job that was only available to white people and yet we often see jobs uniquely available to Aboriginal people.

Here's one advertisement from the CSIRO with Aboriginal only jobs paying up to $24,000 per month.

What about the rest of us?

Sure there are plenty of jobs available for all Australians. Even the unskilled with a work ethic can get a job in this country but why keep some jobs just for diversity applicants?

It works the other way too. NSW One Nation MP made a pretty good point last week when he wrote.

Let me be clear there are plenty of non-aboriginal people that his statement applies to too but we don't ever see jobs suggesting aborigines need not apply.

That's a good thing because doing so would be racist.

The question is why doesn't the definition of racism apply when the circumstances are reversed?

We also see written and unwritten demands for ethnic or racial diversity on corporate and public institutions.

Sporting teams are criticised for not including people with different skin tones even if they have chosen the best possible team from the talent pool available.

All of these actions, while perhaps being done with the best of intentions, are racism in action.

Any team or business that is exclusively focussed on peak performance wants to choose the best possible people for the task. However, the incessant public demand for the best talent to be overlooked in favour of other immutable characteristics is inexcusable.

It means that the best person for any role may miss out because they aren't the right race, creed or colour.

To paraphrase the words of the AHRC, this is a barrier that prevents people from enjoying dignity and equality because of their race.

Surely those that support this inequity are the racists we should all be concerned about.

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