The Trans Protocol

A major documentary in the Netherlands, the country that gave the world puberty blockers, shakes the foundations of gender medicine internationally.

The Trans Protocol
Photo by Alexander Grey / Unsplash

Dutch clinicians pioneered the use of puberty blockers to suppress unwanted sexual development in young people claiming to be transexual.

This was usually followed by hormone therapy and body mutilating surgery.

The goal was to improve the well-being of adult transsexuals as a result of earlier medical intervention.

The “Dutch protocol”, as it came to be known, was adopted internationally as the number of young people identifying as trans grew at an unprecedented rate.

Gender clinics around the world adopted the Dutch protocol treatments without researching their own different patient groups.

The result is very troubling and raises questions about medical ethics and the 'science; behind trans treatments. They've now been described in this ground-breaking documentary.

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