The People Have the Real Power

The 'business decision' by one of our corporates to not sell Australia Day merchandise is an insult. It plays into the hands of a determined elite to undermine the essence of nationhood.

The People Have the Real Power

The decision by Woolworths and Big W to not stock Australia Day merchandise is a commercial one.

Accordingly, they should be prepared to suffer a commercial backlash from consumers who think it is an appalling management call.

I hope a myriad of Aussie patriots decide to spend their grocery dollars elsewhere and send a message to these companies that we've had a gutful of them pandering to the whinging minority of anti-Australian activists.

Woolworths Group, the owner of the two brands, said the decision was associated with a “broader discussion about 26 January and what it means to different parts of the community”, but not stocking extra paraphernalia for the holiday was ultimately a business call.

Apparently, the demand for Australia Day merchandise has been declining, which is the real reason for the business call.

I am surprised that the Australia Day demand is less than some other cultural events Woolworths is proud to support, such as Ramadan, Diwali, and Chinese New Year.

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