The Great Power Push

While we struggle to meet existing electricity demands, there is a continuing push to move ever more toward the grid. What if it's about much more than saving the planet?

The Great Power Push
Photo by Daniele Franchi / Unsplash

A comment by a Confidential Daily Premium Member struck a chord with me yesterday.

It was about the relentless push toward electrifying everything, even though we are struggling to supply affordable and reliable power to meet existing demands.

In the name of climate change we are encouraged to switch from gas stoves to electric cookers. Our conventionally powered cars are being phased out in favour of battery powered vehicles. Even our trains are undergoing an expensive change away from diesel.

It's mostly accepted that these moves are a good idea. We are told they reduce pollution and will stop the earth from becoming an uninhabitable molten mess.

But what if there is a more sinister agenda afoot?

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