The Great Power Push

While we struggle to meet existing electricity demands, there is a continuing push to move ever more toward the grid. What if it's about much more than saving the planet?

The Great Power Push
Photo by Daniele Franchi / Unsplash

A comment by a Confidential Daily Premium Member struck a chord with me yesterday.

It was about the relentless push toward electrifying everything, even though we are struggling to supply affordable and reliable power to meet existing demands.

In the name of climate change we are encouraged to switch from gas stoves to electric cookers. Our conventionally powered cars are being phased out in favour of battery powered vehicles. Even our trains are undergoing an expensive change away from diesel.

It's mostly accepted that these moves are a good idea. We are told they reduce pollution and will stop the earth from becoming an uninhabitable molten mess.

But what if there is a more sinister agenda afoot?

That's what the member's comment made me think about.

It was made in relation to my notion that climate change is all about control.

What if the push to the electrification of everything also has more to do with control of the populace than anything else?

Here's what he wrote.

I can foresee a scenario where everyone blindly strips out all of their gas appliances from their homes - heaters, hot water services and gas stoves - (and this is already under way) and replacing with electric.

Then there are cars, make those all electric, and guess what happens next? Electricity rationing.

"All motorists are advised that vehicle charging stations are on restricted use, please do not travel more than 50 kms from your current place, unless you have a permit from the department of environmental whatever..."

Further to this; "All heating can only be used between the hours of 4pm and 11pm, hot water services are also under restriction. Special showers will be installed allowing for a 4 minute shower per every 3 hours, to apply for an exemption please contact the department of environmental whatever.

It's a chilling scenario but one that is entirely plausible given the installation of smart-meters in most homes.

When you add digital currencies and a social credit systems into the mix, you have every tool necessary for total control and totalitarian rule.

It was less than a decade ago that the power grid collapsed in South Australia and some towns were without electricity for days.

It didn't take long for a Lord of the Flies debasement of human nature to take effect. The lack of power also meant no fuel supplies, only cash payments and a shortage of just about everything.

One can imagine how society would react if only some people had complete access to the benefits of electricity while others were rationed.

If compliance with Big Brother were to price of power, I suspect most people would fall into line pretty quickly.

I've written many times how we should trust nothing and verify everything. That goes doubly for whatever proposal government and the elites try to push onto us.

The great power push is something else we should be extremely wary about.

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