Climate Change is about Control

The media is providing subtle signs of how the next attempt to control the populace is emerging. They've learned from COVID and are applying the lessons to Climate Change.

Climate Change is about Control
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

During the height of the COVID madness, I suggested that the population's compliance with extreme measures would be used for future control measures.

I mentioned the climate change crusade as fertile ground to justify restrictions and lockdowns.

It has all the elements needed for a panic. The threat of global calamity, humanity's extinction, and a healthy dose of made-up 'science' that no scientist is allowed to question.

The premise is simple.

You'll need to stop travelling and using fossil fuel products to keep us all safe.

That leads to 15-minute cities, forced travel restrictions, the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) to control your consumption, and occasional lockdowns to allow the earth to reset.

If it hadn't been for COVID, I wouldn't have thought these measures could ever be implemented, but I have since learned that most people are too lazy to question what they are told to do by authoritarian figures.

The thinking is, 'If the media and the politicians say it needs to happen, well, it must be right.'

It now looks like the media are kicking things off. Have a look at this climate is worse than COVID news report.

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