The Establishment are Ducking Debate

The plethora of lies peddled by the medical establishment over COVID has public health experts ducking debate.

The Establishment are Ducking Debate
Photo by Mathew Schwartz / Unsplash

It's easy to understand why so many 'experts' are scared of debate.

They live in a rarified world of self-congratulations where the only voices they listen to are those that reinforce their own views.

The contempt with which they hold contrary views is almost dehumanising, with many 'experts' refusing to enter into any discussion at all.

We see this in so many aspects of contemporary society but most notably in respect to COVID.

We were told it occurred naturally and threatened the entire world. We were told that vitamins and established medication didn't work. We were told the experimental vaccines were proven safe and effective.

They were all lies and those who disagreed were ridiculed and cancelled.

We all have stories to tell in this regard.

I recall asking a cardiac physician about the risk of myocarditis from the vaccines, only for him to dismiss my concerns as uninformed and alarmist. He insisted there was no danger at all.

He was wrong.

And despite the litany of official lies, the sanctimonious 'experts' still refuse to engage with their critics.

Here's one of them.


Dr Peter Hotez is not alone but he does now hold a unique position.

Over one million dollars has been offered to a charity of his choice if he will engage in a debate with US Democrat Presidential candidate, and outspoken COVID vaccine critic, Robert Kennedy Jr.

The debate is to cover vaccines, COVID, autism, cancer and a whole lot of other health issues that more people are now linking to the medical establishment.

The debate would be held over several hours on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Rogan is arguably the world's most influential and listened to broadcaster in the world. A debate such as this would attract tens of millions of global viewers.

That's what the establishment are afraid of - millions learning the truth.

This is how the challenge started with Rogan offering $100K and Hotez demanding $50 million.

Hotez later deleted his demand while other wealthy people (including Elon Musk) chipped in to raise the charity donation to more than $1.5 million.

It's clearly not enough as Hotez has since only offered to appear solo on Rogan's show.

I could understand his hesitancy if the medical establishment had covered themselves in glory in recent times. Unfortunately they haven't.

Many of them cheered on the cancellation of their esteemed colleagues who bucked the official narrative. The dismissed as cranks and conspiracy theorists those who were earliest in identifying the lies.

To the establishment, it didn't matter whether the critics had medical qualifications or not. If they didn't conform they were demonised, dismissed or sacked.

Some were threatened with cancellation of their medical licenses.

It's clear that one cannot hold our establishment experts as bastions of truth or wisdom any longer.

In fact it is understandable why so many now have such little faith in those proclaiming expertise in public health.

Australia's own Chief Health Officers were exposed as making their COVD response up on the run while proclaiming to follow 'the science'.

It's safe to say there was no credible science followed by any of them.

They covered-up vaccine side effects and lied about the experimental nature of them. They manipulated the COVID statistics and dismissed cheap and effective alternative treatments.

None of them, or the politicians or the media who abetted in this monumental deceit have been held to account.

That's because they refuse to engage with those who have proved them wrong.

They ignore the critics in the hope the public will as well. Given the paucity of critical thinking among the general populace that hope seems reasonable.

It's only if a high profile program like Rogan's can see one of the shills exposed as being an empty medical vessel could there be any hope of alerting the masses to the fraud perpetrated upon them.

That's something none of them are prepared to risk.

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