The Climate Con

The climate activists and their puppet masters are making the West soggy. Sogginess only leads to failure and will give rise to the Asian century.

The Climate Con
Photo by Nicholas Doherty / Unsplash

Among the many frauds perpetuated on the gullible public, none have captured the zeitgeist like the climate con.

Don't get me wrong, the climate is changing. It has always been changing - even before man walked the earth.

There is also nothing unprecedented about the current rate of temperature change. The geological evidence makes that very clear.

So why the climate change alarmism?

It's merely a tool to implement control and top down rule by the elites. If you can control industry, agriculture and travel then you can control people.

After all, work, food and movement are three staples of life.

The means of that control centres on carbon dioxide emissions. These have been labelled 'carbon pollution' which paints them as some sort of global poison.

The reality is that CO2 is an essential gas for all life on earth.

To call it a pollutant is to suggest that humans are also pollution as we all exhale this life force with every breath.

Australia is set to spend close to $1.5 trillion in a futile attempt to get to net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Collectively, this unattainable goal is estimated to cost the world USD 150 trillion and will require so much raw mineral materials that many doubt they are actually mineable.

Unsurprisingly this is only a moral dilemma in the woke Western nations.

They've grown so soft and soggy that they ignore the real issues and instead focus on the contrived.

That's the only way to explain why the world has given a free pass on emissions to places like China and India.

Have a look at their carbon emissions relative to the rest of the world.

We are part of the 'rest of the world' who emit barely two-thirds of China's carbon dioxide and yet we are destroying our own economy in a fruitless pursuit.

The Asian nations must be laughing at our stupidity.

Not only are we destroying our economies for no reason, we rationalise giving our economic competitors a free pass based on some nonsensical 'fairness doctrine'.

When you pile on the embarrassing social agenda of pronouns and pathetic symbolism poisoning our corporate, military and domestic engagement, it's little wonder Australians feel like our nation is going backwards.

The next century will belong to Asia.

They work harder, are more disciplined and simply don't give a fig for the social justice warriors intent on destroying the West.

As I wrote in my very first blog post in 2008: nations become wealthier they tend to become soggy, and sogginess inevitably leads to failure.

It is no coincidence that historically the epicentre of global economic power has always shifted away from the soggy empires to the nations that keep things ‘crunchy’.

Accordingly, I believe that the next two decades will see the centre of global economic growth shift from the USA to Asia.

Australia, and the West, have become very soggy indeed.

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