The Bots are Here

Advances in AI technology pose a real threat to hundreds of millions of jobs. It'll happen much sooner than most people think.

The Bots are Here

There's been another exponential advance in the AI realm.

OpenAI has made a significant stride in the AI field by releasing its latest ChatGPT this week. The new capabilities are game-changers.

As someone working to learn a new language, I find the ChatGPT real-time translation of conversations quite extraordinary.

Have a look at this video of it facilitating a conversation between an Italian and an English speaker.


Ok. That's pretty handy for anyone seeking to travel to far away lands that use different languages. While I always recommend travellers know a few local phrases, some places simply don't have English in common usage.

In those cases, technology like this could literally be a life saver.

But there was another part of the technology demonstration that prompted a vastly different reaction.

When I saw it, after the initial awe, I could only think of how many jobs it will replace, and likely much, much sooner than many people expect.

Have a look at this.

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